Aniline Leather Cleaner

Aniline Leather Cleaner

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Aniline Cleaner specifically formulated for absorbent leathers
Cleans, re-hydrates and refreshes tired leather
FREE cloths with every purchase





Aniline Leather Cleaner – a specialist cleaner for all absorbent Aniline Style leather

Aniline leather is considered the very best of all leathers
It is soft and supple, warm and has a great appeal to homeowners
A little specialist care with the correct products can help keep your leather looking great from day 1

Aniline Leather Cleaner is specifically formulated by Aniline Care Specialists
This non detergent cleaner has been tested for safe use on:

  • Aniline
  • Semi-Aniline
  • Micropigment
  • Pull Up

Aniline Cleaner has been especially formulated for ease of use and to give great results
Helps refresh colour and prevent fading
Re-hydrates the leather to keep it soft and supple
Used in conjunction with Aniline LeatherGuard,  Aniline Cleaner will keep your leather clean, soft and in great condition

Aniline Leather Cleaner

  • Cleans
  • Re-hydrates
  • Refreshes Colour
  • Slows down fading
  • UV protection built in

Use on:

  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Briefcases
  • Handbags
  • Accessories

Cleaning and protecting Aniline Leather is guaranteed to prolong the life of your leather, wipe over the contact areas to prevent the build up of body oils

Cleaning Aniline Leather
What is Aniline Leather?

Your Aniline leather is in safe hands with LTT Leathercare
Do you need expert advice on Aniline Leather – Contact us today


150ml, 500ml, 1L


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