Auto Leather Recolour

Auto Leather Recolour

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Amazing colour restoration for Auto leather
Restores colour and reinforces the top coatings to help revive the leather and prolong its life
FREE cloths with every purchase




Auto Leather Recolour is the very latest innovation in leather repair products for auto interiors.
Simply wipe onto pigment coated leather for fantastic results.

The colour blends effortlessly with the existing coatings restoring the colour and reinforcing the finish.
Perfect colour match is not essential
Colours can be custom mixed from a colour reference or sample
If you cannot see the colour you require please email
Auto Leather Recolour goes a long way

Auto Leather Recolour cannot be used to change the colour of your leather but restores the original colour and adds a flexible finish to the surface.

  • Extremely flexible
  • Easy to apply
  • One coat coverage
  • Auto Leather Recolour is very economical in use
  • Great for piping and edging
  • Great for bolster repairs
  • Brilliant on steering wheels

Simply wipe on with cloth provided

Auto Leather Recolour is a unique product in the automotive industry.
Its highly flexible formulation is great for car interiors and high wear areas.
Actively prolongs the life of the leather itself by adding a flexible top coating that cannot crack or peel.


The remarkable transformation of this Mercedes interior speaks for itself.

Auto Leather RecolourAuto Leather Recolour








Only 5 minutes to transform this bolster with this remarkable product.

Also has the perfect formulation for steering wheels.

Auto Leather Recolour before


Auto Leather Recolour after


For further information about caring for your leather car interior take a look at our advice page



50ml, 150ml, 500ml


Anthracite, Red, Black, Dk Brown, Conker, Chocolate, Dk Blue, Chester, Sage, Tan


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