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Jean & Dye Transfer Kit (Furniture)

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Complete kit to deal with dye transfer on pigment coated leather
2 step process to gently remove dyes without harm to the finish
FREE sponge and cloths with every purchase


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For use on Pigment Coated (Finished) Leather only

Pale coloured leathers suffer from dye transfer as a result of the transfer of colour from clothing and other strongly coloured fabrics and foods.  It is a very common problem on leather if it has not been protected correctly from new. Dye transfer removal leather – active stain removal products
Easy to use – full instructions provided

Dye transfer will permanently stain pale coloured leathers unless removed quickly – there are no products guaranteed to remove dye transfer (Please read Precautions before purchasing this kit)
This 2 step process that will gently lift recent dye transfer without damaging the finish on the leather

This kit contains a 2 step process essential for pigment coated leather to removes dye transfer caused by:

  • Clothing particularly denim stains
  • Curry stains
  • Fake Tan
  • Newsprint
  • Cushions and throws
  • Hair Dye

This two part kit is the essential place to start when attempting to remove stains from leather caused by colour bleed from clothing and or other surfaces

The quicker you try to remove the dyes the easier it will be

Kit contains:
Step 1:  A deep cleaning foam cleaner to help gently lift the dye from the finish
Step 2: A surface cleaner to remove dye stains that cannot be removed by the foam cleaner

It is essential to protect pale coloured leather in order to prevent the build up of dye stains. After removing the dye treat your leather with Ultra Leather Protect to prevent further dye transfer problems

Read more about Dye Transfer Removal

LTT Leathercare products are all formulated and manufactured by experts in the leather industry and are used by technicians all over the world
LTT Leathercare are the trusted name in the leather care industry for their expert knowledge and advice



Please read carefully before ordering and follow instructions carefully on the bottles.

Dye transfer is the dyestuff from clothing, newspapers etc.
which transfers to the surface of the leather. It is more usually seen on light coloured, protected leathers on furniture and car interiors.
The longer the dye transfer has been on the leather the harder it will be to remove so it is best dealt with quickly.

The Jean & Dye Transfer Removal Kit is specifically formulated for the removal of dye transfer. If this 2 step process does not completely remove the dye transfer it is not because the products are not effective but because the dye has penetrated too deeply into the finish to be fully removed and will require more technical restoration processes to resolve the problem.
Only use these products on the areas affected by dye transfer and not as general cleaners or for any other staining problem.
Dye transfer can be permanent. If it does not come off with the products in the kit please DO NOT be tempted to rub harder or use more aggressive products or methods as you may cause damage to the leather finish.

Always use the products in the correct order Step 1 followed by Step 2. NEVER use Step 2 first.

Leather Types

These products should only be used on Pigment Coated Leather

Not sure what type of leather you have?Use our interactive guide to help you find the answer
What type of leather do I have?


The products come with full instructions – please use as directed on the bottles

Hints and Tips

Leather care Hints and Tips

  1. Pale coloured leather can be protected from stains from clothing by the use of Ultra Leather Protect
  2. It is best to protect your leather from new rather than waiting for the problem to occur
  3. Maintenance cleaning your leather with Lazy Leather on a regular basis will help prevent the build up of dye transfer


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